Trucker Entertainment

The Movies and TV Page Trucker Movies: Whether in-between loads, or after finished driving for the day, watching a movie (especially a classic trucker movie!) or TV show is a great way to unwind and relax, or just pass the time. Movie information, DVD's (sales, downloads, rentals), and more.

Trucking Songs Trucking Songs: Listening to music while driving down the road has always been a trucker favorite. Find songs to listen to and the best ways to play them in your truck.

Satellite Radios The Satellite Radio Page: Once you've enjoyed a satellite radio in your truck, you'll hate to be without it. Listen to any type of music or talk plus weather, traffic, and a channel for truckers.

The Movies and TV Page The Audiobooks Page: Truckers spend much of their time driving down the road. Another great thing to do to keep entertained while driving is to listen to an audiobook. There are several ways to find audiobooks to listen to as well as different ways to listen.

Trucking Books Trucking Books : From truckers who've lived the life first hand and have a lot to offer - whether you're brand new to trucking or are already an experienced trucker.