The Satellite Radio Center

The Satellite Radio Center

[su_adsense_rectangle_336] Most truckers who’ve had a satellite radio in their truck for any length of time will say they’d hate to be without it.
The days of endless searching for any radio station that happens to have a good signal are gone, if you start using satellite

There are now numerous entertaining options available: any type of music, sports (MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL games and a NASCAR
station), talk, comedy, variety, weather and traffic, etc.

How To Use Satellite Radio in Your Truck

Installation: Buy a receiver and have it installed in-dash. This is viable only if you own your own truck.

Installation: This is the one most company or fleet drivers use:

  • The receiver is easily mounted to the dash (not installed inside it) or windshield.

  • The magnetic antenna can be run out to the roof or any metal part of the vehicle or simply placed up on the dash.

  • An adapter which plugs into the vehicle’s cassette player so that it can be heard through the vehicle’s existing speaker

The newer model receivers have the ability to
send the signal through the vehicle’s FM receiver without the need for a casette adapter.
You simply set your FM station on a certain frequency that matches the satellite’s frequency. There may be a loss of volume
on some models with this method, but you can still use the cassette connection instead.


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