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CDL Training GuideWe’ve been helping future truck drivers find CDL training resources and get their CDLs since 2004. Get free information about CDL training opportunities from some of the best schools in your area, find your state truck driving schools and CDL resources in our Truck Driving Schools Guide, view or download your state’s official CDL manual, and take free tests at our CDL Practice Test Center. Get on the road to becoming a trucker now!

Truck Driving Schools Directory

Find all the resources you’ll need to get on the road to a great career as a truck driver. From the directory, simply go to your state’s page where you can access:

  • Truck driving schools in your state
  • Trucker Country featured CDL schools!
  • Your official State DMV/DPS Website
  • View and/or Download your state’s CDL Manual

Find a CDL School in Your State

Recommended CDL Test Books and Guides

There are several excellent resources that we recommend that work together perfectly with our free CDL practice tests. This combination of using a guide with our practice tests will make it even easier for you to get the material in your head and pass your state exams.

ALL Recommended CDL Study Guides

View or Download Your State CDL Manual

state cdl manuals Prepare for the written exams by studying your state CDL manual together with our Free CDL Practice Tests. Having your manual handy will also work together nicely with the Practice Mode version of each test, which gives you a CDL reference to look up. You’ll also need it to get CDL information specific to your state.

Access Your State CDL Manual Here

How to Pass the Official State CDL Exams

It can be tough to remember all the things you need to know to pass the official state tests. That’s why we designed our unique 3 mode testing system. This system will have you knowing the material and passing the official exams without “normal” studying. Learn step-by-step how to prepare yourself to pass the exams and get started down the path to being a trucker.

Learn How to Pass the CDL Exams

CDL Pre-Trip Inspection Learning Center

Pre-Trip Inspection CenterThe Pre-Trip inspection test is an important part of the CDL test – and one of the toughest state tests to master. Check out the best Pre-Trip video that’ll have you understanding the process and remembering the information in no time. Then follow that up with our Free CDL Pre-Trip Inspection Practice Tests.

Go to the CDL Pre-Trip Inspection Learning Center

What is a CDL? A Commercial Driver’s License Overview

Interested in getting a CDL but you need a guide? Whether you don’t even know what a CDL is or you’re familiar with trucking and just need a little help getting started, you’re in the right place!

Learn All About the CDL

How to Get a CDL

The path to getting your CDL and becoming a truck driver may seem complicated, but we’ve made it a step-by-step process that you’ll be able to easily follow. In many states you must successfully complete a training course at an approved CDL truck driver training school before you can get a CDL.

Learn How to Get a CDL

Federal and State CDL Requirements

Understanding the CDL requirements for getting a CDL is essential if you want to become a truck driver. These also apply to the CLP or commercial learner’s permit, which you’ll have to get in order to train and before you get a CDL. Access the federal requirements as well as those in your state, and learn about new CDL requirements that have been added in recent years.

CDL Requirements You Need to Know

CDL Practice Test Center

Take FREE CDL Practice Tests at our CDL Practice Test Center. There are now 3 testing modes, EACH with 600 questions and answers that cover all the main CDL testing areas and endorsements. All questions are based on your official state CDL manual and will thoroughly prepare you to pass the official exams.

Take Our FREE CDL Practice Tests

CDL Endorsements – Which Ones Do You Need?

Here at Trucker Country, we’ve made getting extra endorsements on your CDL extremely easy. And since it’s so easy, and not too expensive, you might as well get an endorsement for every type of product you could possibly haul with a truck.

Learn About CDL Endorsements

How to Get a Hazardous Materials Endorsement

You’ve made the decision to get your Hazmat endorsement on your CDL, but the process seems a bit daunting, maybe even confusing. We break it all down here to help you get going.

Get Your Hazmat Endorsement

Find Many Additional Resources to Help You Find Trucking Success

We have helpful resources about many trucking related subjects. Among these are:

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  • CB Terminology & Trucker Slang
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