Trucker Electronics

cb radios CB Radio Guide: CB radio basics, CB radio slang and terminology, and great CB radios and accessories for sale.

laptops Laptops for Truckers: Computer information just for truckers: laptops (including the lowest prices we've found), accessing the internet (WiFi, hotspots, PC Cards, etc.), accessories, and much more.

GPS Navigation The GPS Navigation Center: GPS is the ultimate in navigation and trip planning proficiency and is perfect for truckers. Learn the essentials about GPS plus find the best GPS software and complete GPS Vehicle Navigation Systems.

Cell Phones Cell Phones for Truckers: Buy great cell phones for the road! Find cell phone essentials including: unlocked and GSM phones, smartphones and camera phones, hands free devices and bluetooth technology, prepaid phones and calling cards, and more.

Police Scanners The Scanner Page: Scanners give essential information as well as provide entertainment for truckers. Find the lowest prices on mobile scanners, NASCAR scanners and headphones.

Power Inverters The Power Inverter Page: Power inverters are essential for truckers who want to plug in AC powered devices right in the truck. Learn about power inverter essentials and find the lowest prices on the best brands.

Radar Detectors The Radar Detector Page: Find out information on radar detectors, including radar detector legality for truckers. You'll also find the best radar detectors we've found at the lowest prices.