Trucking Books

Some of these books about trucking are by truckers themselves. They’ve lived the life first hand and have a lot to offer whether you’re brand new to trucking or are already an experienced trucker. Some are educational, others offer an amusing look into the life on the road and some will make you cry. Well, maybe that’s overdoing it. Anyway, enjoy!

tractor trailer trucker

Tractor-Trailer Trucker: A Powerful Truck Booktractor-trailer trucker: a powerful truck book

With close-up color photos and brief, technical directions, this book encourages readers to take the driver’s seat. Every page has valuable instructions such as how to check under the hood, hook up the tractor and trailer, shift gears, load cargo, complete a “vehicle inspection report” and more.

big rig: Comic Tales from a Long Haul Trucker

Big Rig: Comic Tales from a Long Haul Trucker

Curl up in your favorite commander air chair, and gear-up for the long haul with veteran trucker Don McTavish. Big Rig takes us on some eye-opening, highly comical road trips, through the eyes of a driver and his fellow truckers over a forty year period.
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trucking rules and regulations

Trucking Rules and Regulations: Reference Guide to Transportation (A NAFTA Guidebook for North American Truckers)

This handbook of transportation industry rules and regulations will arm professional drivers with the knowledge they need to avoid penalties and infractions when driving coast-to-coast and state-to-state.


Mangos, Chiles, and Truckers: The Business of Transnationalism (Critical American Studies)
Mangos, Chiles, and Truckers illuminates how local groups and individuals engage the global world and capitalism in creative ways.

pedal to the metal

Pedal to the Metal: The Work Life of Truckers (Labor and Social Change Series)
Before becoming a sociologist (he teaches at the University of Illinois at Chicago), Ouellet was a truck driver. “When I was a youngster, trucking captured my imagination.” As a full and part-time truck driver over 13 years, he continued to find driving a source of great satisfaction…

troopers and truckers

Truckers and Troopers
In this third offering in his continuing, award-winning storytelling, highly decorated and now retired Wyoming state trooper, Jim Geeting, gives a long overdue and well deserved tribute to the American truck driver–a group of over four million men and women of all ages.

trucker's tale

A Truckers Tale
Truck driving is not only a job, but an adventure. As a truck driver, Colleen has seen many different people, places, and things she would not have seen had she stayed home and worked at a local job. Her book is funny, inspiring, and heartwarming as she writes about the everyday life of a trucker.

traffic defense for truckers

Traffic Ticket Defense for Truckers/Tips, Tactics and Strategies to Help You Fight That Ticket… And Win
This handbook gives truck drivers the tools they need to find the best strategy for each situation. It also explores alternatives to a courtroom trial, such as defensive driving school or membership in a prepaid legal defense plan.

bumper to bumper

Bumper to Bumper: The Complete Guide to Tractor-Trailer Operations
Textbook on tractor-trailer operations includes current information on hours of service, hazardous materials, cargo securement, and onboard technology, plus descriptions of systems and components, regulated activities, driving skills, safe driving and economy driving. With end-of-chapter quizzes, Observation Skills tests, hundreds of illustrations and a detailed index.

trucking workbook

Trucking: Tractor-Trailer Driver Handbook/Workbook

Coverage focuses on attaining and preserving safe standards throughout all aspects of a professional driving career, from securing the load to hazardous materials handling, as well as helpful guidelines for maintaining a healthy lifestyle on the road.

a survival guide for truckers

A Survival Guide for Truck Drivers: Tips From the Trenches (Medium/Heavy Duty Truck)
An employer’s cost to replace a driver ranges from $5,000 to $8,000. Turnover can be prevented and retention increased by developing a driver with the life skills necessary to be successful in their daily working lives.

Trucking Guide to Border Crossing

Trucking Guide to Border Crossing
This pioneering book will make the difference between a successful first-time route into a neighboring country and possible problems that could mean a driver’s last trip across the border. Written for professional drivers crossing borders between Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

truckers bilingual dictionary

Commercial Trucking Bilingual Dictionary: English/Spanish
Many professionals, including professional commercial truck drivers can easily carry and use this handy bilingual resource in all phases of work relating to commercial truck driving.

pass the cdl exam

CDL Test Preparation Guide: Everything You Need to Know, 2nd Edition (Pass the CDL Exam) [Paperback]
Whether you are embarking on your first career or a new career as a professional driver, you will appreciate the practical, straightforward, quick, no-nonsense approach to learning what you need to know to pass the CDL exam.