Trucker Country Pre-Trip Inspection CDL Practice Tests

Pre-Trip Inspection CDL Practice Tests

Our Free Online Pre-Trip Inspection Practice Test questions and answers will prepare you online to Prepare for the Pre-Trip portion of the CDL skills test. Each test has 3 testing modes to help you prepare and easily remember the information.

  1. Download your state CDL manual and open up it up in another tab of your browser. Read it over, but you don’t need to try to memorize it!
  2. On this page, begin the first of our CDL practice tests in Classic Mode. See how well you do, but try not to stress out about any mistakes at this point.
  3. Next, switch to Practice Mode for intense preparation, complete with instant correct answers after every question and a CDL reference. 
  4. When you think you’re ready, take the exam! Each Exam Mode practice test is timed and you get your grade and results only after you’ve finished each test. This is very similar to the official state CDL written exams!

Note: For more information, see our guide on How to Pass the Official State CDL Exams.

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Pre-Trip Inspection Test #1 is based on State CDL Manual Section 11.1.1 Engine Compartment (Engine Off)

See below for more information or go to our CDL Pre-Trip Inspection Learning Center.

Note: Pre-Trip tests do not have CDL manual reference after each question like our other testing areas. Instead, the whole CDL section that applies to the test can be found at the bottom of each test page for your reference.

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Official State CDL Manual Section 11.1.1
Engine Compartment (Engine Off)


  • Look for puddles on the ground.
  • Look for dripping fluids on underside of engine and transmission.
  • Inspect hoses for condition and leaks.

Oil Level

  • Indicate where dipstick is located.
  • See that oil level is within safe operating range.
  • Level must be above refill mark.

Coolant Level

  • Inspect reservoir sight glass, or
  • Remove radiator cap (if engine is not hot), and check for visible coolant level.

Power Steering Fluid

  • Indicate where power steering fluid dipstick is located.
  • Check for adequate power steering fluid level.
  • Level must be above refill mark.

Engine Compartment Belts

      Check the following belts for snugness (up to 3/4 inch play at center of belt), cracks, or frays:

    • Power steering belt.
    • Water pump belt.
    • Alternator belt.
    • Air compressor belt.

Note: If any of the components listed above are not belt driven, you must:

  • Tell the examiner which component(s) are not belt driven.
  • Make sure component(s) are operating properly, are not damaged or leaking, and are mounted securely.