Audiobooks for Truckers

Audiobooks for Truckers
Listening to an audiobook is a great form of entertainment for drivers going down the road. It also helps drivers stay alert, as well as pass the time. Several ways to find audiobooks, as well as different ways to listen, are discussed on this page.

Where to Find Audiobooks

Truck Stops

You can rent an audiobook in one truck stop, then return them to another truck stop. This is great for truckers who might not get back to the same truck stop for a while.

There are also audiobooks available to purchase in many truck stop convenience stores, but they won’t be cheap. The following sections offer alternative suggestions and resources.


Borrow the audiobook(s) from your local library just like any other book. Just make sure you’ll be able to renew it over the phone or online if it becomes necessary.

Download Audiobooks (Instant Online Digital Downloads) is a great option for truckers. You can download the digital files to your home computer, then transfer the audio file to a CD you burn yourself and listen to in the truck.

Or, use an iPod or MP3 player in the truck. Download files directly to your device. Then you can have access to a LOT of audiobooks.

It’s nice not to have to swap out a CD each time you want to listen to something different. All the songs or audiobooks you need can be stored on one MP3 player. For more information, go to The Trucking Songs Page.