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Free Online General Knowledge CDL Practice Test questions and answers to help you pass your state’s DMV General Knowledge exam. Now 3 testing modes to help you prepare.

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Start practicing with tests in Classic Mode. Quickly go through the Classic Mode of each CDL General Knowledge practice test and you'll have a good idea where you stand. Then, open up your state CDL manual and keep it available. You'll need it when you switch to Practice Mode and begin more intense preparation. Finally, finish up in Exam Mode when you think you’re ready for real exam like conditions. To learn more about our testing modes, see How to Pass the Official State CDL Exams.

To get a CDL and drive any type of commercial vehicle, you must take and pass the General Knowledge test. You'll be tested on general trucking knowledge, driving safely and transporting cargo safely, taken from sections 1, 2, and 3 of your state CDL manual. Once again, you MUST pass the official state CDL General Knowledge exam to get your CDL.