Truck Driver Follows and Runs Over Man Who Stole His Rig

In Fort Worth, TX, a man who stole a semi bobtail and took it for a joy ride, was struck and killed by the driver of that same rig.

According to the report…

Police said a man followed an 18-wheeler he reported stolen and fatally struck the driver on the Interstate 35W service road in Fort Worth Tuesday morning. read more at

From looking at the picture above, the driver who stole the truck apparently did a perfect donut in the grass, just off the I-35W service road. 

He then strolled across the road, totally unaware that the owner of the truck he just did a joy ride in was heading right for him in his pickup!

Regardless of intention, there’s gonna be some questions asked of the driver, at the very least!

Drivers, if someone steals your rig, just call 911 and let them take it from there!

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