Little Car Takes Out 2 Trucks and the Trucks Get Blamed!

Turns out, some things are the same worldwide; like truck drivers getting the blame for accidents involving 4-wheelers. Well, the drivers MAY be a BIT crazier over in India! Or maybe it’s just their laws? Not sure. We don’t often report on trucking related news from abroad, but this one deserves a look.

Listening to the newscaster in the video, you’d assume the trucks just decided to make a sandwich out of a little car. But watch as the car decides at the last second that he’s gonna make that right hand turn, no matter WHAT’S in the way! He runs the truck (who, admittedly should have stayed in his lane and limited it to a 2 vehicle incident!) into opposing traffic and ends up taking the brunt of the damage.

India Today reports that “all 5 passengers in the car have died” and “Police have taken custody of both of the truck drivers.” She continues, “my spine, it’s absolutely shocking to see the impact of this collision, 2 trucks running into this one small car!”

Hmmmm, maybe it’s their eyesight that needs to be checked. The reporters,that is. Not the people involved in the accident!

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