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1. Placarded loads require a fire extinguisher in your truck with a UL rating of...

A 20 B:C or more
B 10 B:C or more
C 20 A:C or more
D 10 A:C or more

2. A placard on the trailer is intended to...

A Communicate the risk of hazardous materials
B Keep people away from the trailer
C Stop lumpers from unloading hazardous materials
D Remind carriers to give the load to qualified drivers

3. The placards should be placed on the vehicle...

A Before you load it
B Before you drive it
C Before you get to your destination
D Before you cross a scale

4. Entries in the Hazardous Materials Table are shown...

A In alphabetical order by proper shipping names
B In order of risk
C In alphabetical order by brand names
D In order of quantities being shipped

5. A placard must be placed...

A At least three inches away from any other markings
B Three inches from the back of the trailer
C Three inches from the bottom or the trailer
D Three inches from the front of the trailer

6. What is the shape and size of a placard?

A 10 3/4 inch oval
B 10 1/2 inch diamond
C 10 1/2 inch oval
D 10 3/4 inch square or diamond

7. Whenever your vehicle is placarded, do not drive near open fires unless you:

A Can safely pass the fire without stopping
B Have LTL of a nonflammable material
C Are equipped with fire sprinklers.
D Unless you can stay 100-200 feet away from the fire

8. If you are in an accident involving hazardous materials, you should:

A Don't tell anything about your load.
B Keep all people far away and upwind of the accident.
C Prevent a panic by acting like nothing is wrong.
D Tell only the emergency response team about the hazard.

9. The hazardous waste manifest should be:

A Stored in the glove compartment
B Kept with the driver at all times
C The same as all other paper work
D Tabbed differently and kept on top of all other paperwork

10. In the materials class is listed the word "forbidden". What kinds of materials are you still allowed to haul?

A Any other hazardous material
B You can't haul a "forbidden" cargo
C Nothing
D Both B and C

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