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1. On the Hazardous Materials Table, proper shipping names are shown...

A in plain type and in alphabetical order
B so you know not to transport that shipment
C in italic type and loading order
D so you know you can transport that shipment without placards

2. Product ID numbers must appear on each side and both ends of a portable tank or other bulk packaging containing...

A Hazardous materials exceeding 500 gallons
B Food products exceeding 1000 gallons
C Hazardous materials 1000 gallons or more
D None of the above

3. The hazardous material's identification number is important because...

A The shipper must include it on the package
B Police use the number to identify the material after an accident
C The shipper must include it on the shipping papers
D All of the above

4. The basic shipment of a hazardous product must include...

A The product's name and identification number
B The proper shipping name and the List of Marine Pollutants
C The proper shipping name, hazard class and identification number
D The shipper's name, the hazard class and a placard

5. In the event of an accident involving hazardous materials, you should first...

A Try to put out any fires
B Move leaking material out of the way
C Send someone for help and warn others of the danger
D Move your tractor away from the scene

6. The hazardous materials will be named on...

A The Hazardous Materials Table List
B The List of Hazardous Substances and Reportable Quantities
C Either one of the above lists
D Both of the above lists

7. A "Segregation and Separation Chart" indicate...

A Products that cannot be loaded together in the same trailer
B Products requiring special handling
C Products requiring special labeling
D Products that are transported with animals

8. The shipper must attach a diamond-shaped label to hazardous materials by...

A Putting a label on the package
B Putting a label on a tag attached to the product
C Putting a label on the product
D Any one of the above

9. You should never transport a package labeled poison if you are hauling...

A Porous products
B Food products
C Fuel
D Fireworks

10. Which one of the following shipping descriptions is in the proper order...

A UN1076, Phosgene, 2.3
B Phosgene, 2.3, UN1076
C Phosgene, UN1076, Poison A
D none of the above

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