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1. What placard must be used with an inhalation hazard load?

A Flammable
B Dangerous
C Poison
D All of the above

2. A safe haven is one place you can leave a vehicle unattended that is hauling explosives. What is the best description of a safe haven?

A Any property that has been government approved for this use.
B Any property that is totally fenced in by an 8 foot high fence and has a guard on duty all day long.
C Any property that is totally fenced in by an 8 foot high fence.
D All of the above

3. Which of the following is a way to decide which placards to use?

A Materials hazard class
B Amount of hazardous materials being shipped
C Total weight of all classes of hazardous materials on your vehicle
D All of the above

4. When is it necessary to ground the trailer?

A Only when filling a trailer with explosives.
B When filling or unloading any flammable liquid tank. Ground must be maintained until filling hole is properly closed.
C Only when unloading a cargo tank filled with any flammable liquid.
D None of the above.

5. You may not park a vehicle carrying hazardous materials within ____ feet of an open fire.

A 300
B 200
C 150
D 100

6. When a spill occurs of an "RQ" substance the carrier has within ______to report the spill.

A 1 week
B 2 weeks
C 30 days
D 60 days

7. In Column 1, the "+" sign means:

A The proper shipping name is in italics
B The proper shipping name is invalid
C The proper shipping name (whether the material meets the definition of that class or not.)
D This is not the proper shipping name.

8. You have loaded a hazardous material into a cargo tank. What must you do before you move the vehicle?

A Close all manholes and valves. Be sure they are free of leaks.
B Call chemtrec by phone and tell them where you are going.
C Have the loading observers sign the shipping papers.
D Get started on your trip, everything is ok

9. A properly prepared uniform hazardous waste manifest:

A Must be signed and carried by anyone transporting a hazardous waste.
B Is required only if there is a loss of cargo during transport.
C Is the same as any other shipping paper.
D Is definitely useless form and is not required.

10. One of these shipping paper descriptions for a hazardous material is in the right order. Which one is it?

A Hydrogen bromide, non-flammable gas, UN1048
B Corrosive material, hydrochloric acid. UN1798
C UN1787, hydriodic acid, corrosive material
D Hexane, UN1208, flammable liquid

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