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1. If the hazardous materials are classified as *FORBIDDEN* you should...

A Take special caution in transporting the material
B Remove the placards from the trailer
C Refuse the load
D Place the materials in the front of the trailer

2. When transporting explosives you may not park...

A within 5 feet of the traveled part of the road
B within 300 feet of a tunnel
C Near an open fire
D All of the above

3. Who is responsible for certifying on the bills of lading that the hazardous materials are prepared properly?

A The driver
B The shipper
C The carrier
D The dock workers

4. When transporting hazardous loads, you must check the tires at least...

A Every two hours or 100 miles
B Twice every day
C Every six hours
D Every 200 miles

5. You must carry a gas mask with you when transporting...

A Flammable materials
B Chlorine
C Poison
D Liquid Gas

6. Containment rules are rules that...

A Instruct the driver in loading hazardous materials
B Instruct the driver in transporting hazardous materials
C Instruct the driver in unloading bulk tanks hauling hazardous materials
D All of the above

7. You must notify ____ of any spills exceeding the RQ.

A Customer
B State patrol
D Federal Highway Administration

8. A safe haven is defined as...

A A designated place in your carrier?s parking lot
B A government approved place for parking vehicles loaded with explosives
C Any place where someone is watching your tractor and trailer for you
D A shelter in the event of a explosion

9. The product ID markings on a tank must be...

A Black 4" numbers on orange panels
B Orange 4" numbers on black panels
C Green 4" numbers on white panels
D White 4" numbers on orange panels

10. In order to transport hazardous materials which require placards...

A You must have a commercial drivers license
B You must pass a written test on hazardous materials
C You must have the hazardous materials endorsement on your CDL
D All of the above

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