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1. If the words *INHALATION HAZARD* appear on the shipping papers, you need...

A Placards designating a poison
B Placards designating a hazardous substance
C A gas mask in the cab of your truck
D Gloves for handling the materials

2. When transporting explosives, flammable liquid or flammable gas you may not...

A Use cargo heaters
B Take more than an eight hour break
C Load the materials in a closed cargo space
D Smoke in the cab of your truck

3. Special requirements for hazardous materials shipping papers include...

A Color coding the hazardous materials bills
B Requiring drivers to keep papers either tabbed or on top of other papers
C Requiring shippers to keep the bills in a separate envelope
D None of the above

4. The hazard class of all materials specifies...

A How heavy the material is
B How much of the material is on your trailer
C The risks associated with the materials
D How flammable the material is

5. When transporting compressed gases, you must...

A Secure the cylinders in boxes or racks, or brace them down flat
B Cover the cylinders with an asbestos material
C Secure the cylinders together
D None of the above

6. There are three lists that drivers, shippers and carriers use to find out if a material is regulated as hazardous. Which one of these choices is not one of those three lists?

A List of hazardous substances and reportable quantities
B The List of Marine Pollutants.
C Epa dangerous materials list
D Hazardous materials table

7. Drivers of placarded vehicles transporting hazardous materials must stop ____ to ____ feet from the nearest rail of a railroad.

A 15 to 20 feet
B 15 to 50 feet
C 5 to 10 feet
D 15 to 50 yards

8. How many identical placards is a vehicle hauling hazardous materials required to display and where?

A One (1), on the rear of the vehicle only.
B Two (2), one on the front and one on the back.
C Four (4), two on the front and two on the back.
D Four (4), one on the front, one on the back, and one on each side of the vehicle.

9. Do not smoke within __ feet of a placarded cargo tank used for Class 3 (flammable liquids) or Division 2.1 (gases).

A 25
B 50
C 75
D 100

10. At what time is it required for the driver to have an approved gas mask on hand?

A Any vehicle carrying an inhalation hazard cargo
B Any vehicle carrying chlorine
C Any vehicle carrying toxic materials
D All of the above

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