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1. Which of the following statements about “Radioactive” labels is true?

A Yellow III indicates the highest level of radioactivity
B Yellow II indicates the highest level of radioactivity
C White I indicates the highest level of radioactivity
D Black III indicates the highest level of radioactivity

2. When transporting both hazardous and non hazardous materials, your bills must…

A Describe the hazardous materials first
B Have the hazardous materials highlighted
C Identify the materials by the letter X or RQ in the HM column
D Any one of the above

3. The designation RQ identifies the material’s…

A Reference Quotient
B Regulatory Quotient
C Reportable Quantity
D Regulatory Quantity

4. When transporting hazardous waste, you must…

A Have the word “WASTE” before the name of the material on the bills
B Sign a Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest
C Carry a Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest in the truck
D All of the above

5. On the Hazardous Materials Table, column 1 shows…

A how to ship an item
B to what shipping mode the information on that line applies
C how much of the material can be put in a vehicle without placarding
D what materials can be loaded together

6. Tankers used to transport hazardous materials on vehicles must be marked with…

A the UN or NA ID number of the product
B the date of manufacture
C the CHEMTREC phone number
D the owner’s PUCO or ICC number

7. A placarded vehicle must have at least ___ placards?

A Two
B Three
C Four
D Six

8. Of the following hazardous material classes, which is the most dangerous?

A Division 6.1
B Division 6.2
C Division 6.3
D Division 6.4

9. You must control how far packages labeled “Radioactive II” or “Radioactive III” are located from people and cargo space walls by referring to…

A the transport index and the Separation Distances Table
B the List of Hazardous Materials and Reportable Quantities
C the Table of Hazardous Materials
D the Segregation and Separation Chart

10. You should turn off your engine when loading flammable liquid unless…

A The material does not need a placard
B You need the engine to run the pump
C You are a non-smoker
D You are loading at night and need the headlights

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