Trucker Laptop Guide


Trucker Laptop Guide

There are many reasons to have a laptop on the road. Just a few of their uses include:

  • E-mail: stay in touch with family, friends, etc while you’re on the road.

  • Play games you’ve downloaded from the Web or from software.

  • Play movie DVD’s.

  • Listen to music or talk on CD

  • Listen to MP3’s (music or audiobooks) that you’ve downloaded from the Web.

  • Keep organized with your finances, planning, schedules, records of your trips, goals, etc.

  • Run trucking software. Owner-operators can run their business, organize accounting and finances, and find brokers and/or

  • Run trip planning/routing/mapping programs (for all drivers).

  • Write a journal, book, notes from and/or about the road, your experiences, etc.

  • Interact with a digital camera: if you take pictures, you can download, organize, categorize, print pictures, etc.

  • Access the Internet for a world of information and resources online.

Selecting a Laptop: Getting the Most Bang for your Buck!

If you want great performance and a complete feature set, look for a laptop with a fast processor. Also look for a big hard
drive (at least 250GB) and plenty of RAM (2GB to 4GB). This will provide faster operation and enable you to run multiple
programs simultaneously. Other important considerations are sufficient multimedia features for games and music. For truckers,
portability is especially important. Look for one of the slim, lightweight laptop PCs whose processors are optimized for
mobility. Most newer laptops come with 802.11b-g wireless technology, so you can connect to wireless networks or the Internet
from any hot spot.

Shop for the Best Laptops (Without Breaking the Bank!)

Getting Online on the Road: WiFi and More

For truckers, getting online access on the road is getting easier all the time, with the growing popularity of WiFi hotspots
across the country. For more information, go to
The Trucker’s Guide to the Internet,
where you’ll find information about getting online on the road, wifi info, wifi hotspots, pc cards, wifi antennas, and more.