Motorist dead after hitting tractor-trailer in CT rest area

The driver of a Mini Cooper was killed early Thursday morning, after hitting the rear of an illegally parked tractor-trailer at the the Fairfield, CT SB rest area on I-95.

Lucky B. Keophannga, the 23 year old motorist, hit the rear of the trailer just as he was entering the rest area. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

State police say it hit the right, rear trailer portion of the 2016 Peterbilt truck that was straddling the fire and travel lanes. The accident summary by Trooper Stephen Corona said the truck was parked in a “clearly marked ‘fire lane; no parking zone’ off the left side of the highway at the entrance to the rest area.”

The truck driver, 47 year old Gabriel Thompson, parked his rig in a clearly marked fire lane. There was also a “no trucks” sign up ahead for good measure.

The incident happened at 1 A.M., a time when parking for trucks is usually scarce. Drivers often have the choice either to find ANY place to park or continue driving, often sleepy and/or over HOS.

A similar fatal accident happened in the same area less than 5 years ago.

Thursday’s fatal accident could raise the issue of where truckers can safely park to rest after making long drives. Truck drivers have long complained the state does not have enough parking spaces for them for their required rest times after making long hauls. When rest areas are full, truckers often park on the side of highways and exit ramps. CTPost

No tickets or arrests were made, though an investigation is ongoing.