Hero trucker saves motorist from fiery crash in Nebraska

Wednesday afternoon on Hwy 2 in Otoe, Nebraska, an Arkansas truck driver pulled a man from a burning car just in time.

According to NCN, the car involved first hit the back of a van, then swerved off the highway and up a grassy ravine. The car just missed a natural gas line.

The 58-year-old truck driver stopped his rig on the shoulder, then rushed over to the car. Smoke was filling the car when he and another person got the door open and helped the driver get out.

Otoe County Deputy Mike Holland: “It’s hard to know what the outcome would be without their aid, if the driver would be able to get out of the car by himself or not, but, certainly, the fact that they did that ensured that the driver was able to safely get out of the vehicle.”

hero trucker saves driver from burning car syracuse nebraska firefighters
By the time the Syracuse Fire Department responded, the car was on fire, and had spread to the grass. They were the first to arrive at the scene, and were able to extinguish the fire.

The driver of the car was taken to Community Memorial Hospital in Syracuse. His condition is unknown, but thanks to the truck driver, he’s alive.