Video taken as GSP troopers and trucker agrue over bypassed scales

The following video was posted Wednesday by a South Carolina truck driver who got pulled over by Georgia State Patrol for bypassing the weigh station. The driver claims that he got the green light on PrePass and was OK to bypass the scales, but was pulled over by GSP for speeding (75 in a 70) and failure to obey signs instructing him to enter weigh station.

Video starts as driver films 4 troopers at the back of the trailer through his side mirror.

Here’s the conversation once the first trooper comes up to the driver:

Officer 1: 2 citations. There’s gonna be 2 of them. The first one’s for running the scales, failure to obey traffic signs

Driver: I did not run the scales. Please explain to me how was I running the scales when I got a Pre-Pass green light?

Officer 1: OK, PrePass don’t trump state law.

Driver: And what’s state law? The scales were closed!

Officer 1: How do you know that til you get to that sign?

Driver (higher pitch): The sign said truck bypass weigh station, and everybody’s bypassing the weigh station, I’ve got it on dash cam…

Officer 1: One, you need to calm it down just a little bit OK?

Driver: Alright, don’t worry. I’m gonna take this to court and I promise you I will HAVE the state of Georgia! I need your badge number and the name please?

Officer 2: You listen to us first, this is our traffic stop, not yours OK?.

Driver: You’re not gonna give me nothing?

Officer 1: Sir, I’m not gonna have court with you on the side of the road, I’m explaining why I stopped you, ok?…

Sir, please quit interrupting me so I can explain the traffic citation. I’m giving you the utmost respect…

Hmmm, I wonder if it’s because he’s being filmed??

Driver: Ohhhhh, no you haven’t! I got it on video since you got here!

OK, now the good cop bad cop scenario starts. Officer 2 steps in and he isn’t having any of it!

georgia trooper trucker bypassed scales

Officer 2: That’s enough! I said that’s enough! I’m not gonna tell you again, ok?

Drivers, even though you may get incidents on video, stop arguing with the cops. A ticket or citation is not the final word. I know it sucks to get one, and to have to fight a sometimes hopeless battle in court. That’s if you can even get time off and have the money to get there and fight it at all!

Driver: Alllright, that’s fine.

Officer 2: He’s asking you nicely to let him finish and that’s what you’re gonna do.

Driver: Alright

Officer 2: Or, you can go to jail for these citations, it’s your choice. That’s your choice… Let us finish, and then you can do this.


Driver: OK OK!

Officer 1: The court date is gonna be thursday, May 4th 2017…

Sir, if you don’t mind, would you just put your cell phone down for the time being so you can give me your undivided attention ok?

And also not get me on film anymore!

Driver: You got my attention but I’m also recording for my safety.

Officer 1: That’s fine, I’m recording as well, ok?

Driver: I hope so. Is that a dash cam you’re recording on or a body cam?

Officer 1: Doesn’t pertain to the traffic stop sir. All the court information is gonna be located right here on your traffic citation on both copies. Give them about 4-5 business days before you contact to give it time to process…

Again, you have until May the 4th to take care of it..

The first traffic citation’s gonna be for your speed, 75 in a 70.

Ahhhh. 5mph over. Nicely done officer.

Officer 1: The second’s gonna be for failure to obey a traffic control device…

Need you to sign both copies of the court copy on the (unintelligible)…

That’s not an admission of guilt, it’s just sayin’ you’ll take care of it (ie. PAY for it).

Driver: And if I sign that, does it mean that I have to pay it or… what’s it mean if I sign that?

Officer 1: It’s sayin’ that you’re displayin’ your license and… which means you’re promising the court system that you’re gonna take care of it (ie. PAY for it) or report on that court date.

Driver signs ticket and gives it back to officer who fills out some more, and give driver his copies.

Officer 1: These are both of your copies of the traffic citation, you’re free to go…

Driver: Please give me your name and badge number.

Officer 1: It’s on the traffic citation sir.

Driver: So, you’re refusing to give me your name and badge number?

Officer 1: No sir, it’s on the traffic citation.

Driver: But I’m asking you personally, can you give me your name and badge number?

Officer 1: It’s officer (unintelligible) 7767, it’s on the traffic citation.

Driver: Can I have your…

Officer 2: Officer Buchanan, 7636…

Go ahead and step back in your truck

Driver: I’ve got a question. He said I was being recorded. Is that body camera or

Driver: So you’re refusing to answer my question..

Officer 2: I’m not refusing anything. You keep on, you’re going to jail.

Driver: OK

Officer 2: I’m telling you to get back in your truck … so we can make it safe on this highway, ok?

End of conversation

The driver here got the conversation and citation issuance on camera. Good job there. What would have helped even more, is if he showed getting the green light from PrePass as well.

Getting pulled over for speeding 5mph over the limit? BS.

Getting ticketed for failure to obey a traffic device. Well, also BS if driver got the green light. Of course.

Fact: In many states, it’s VERY confusing. You may get a green light inside the cab on your PrePass device, but at the same time, the digital readout you get from the sign on the interstate may flash “Driver, enter scales”. By “PrePass don’t trump state law”, the officer means that the sign on the interstate instructing the driver to enter the weigh station overrides the signal the driver gets in his cab from PrePass.

Some states will get you for this, others won’t. Personally, if I got a green light, I’m bypassing the scales. I never got pulled over for it.

But in this driver’s defense, he claims the signs on the interstate said to bypass the scales AND he got a green light in his cab. This is where a bit more video would’ve definitely helped!

Furthermore, wouldn’t it have been cool if the troopers actually listened to what the drivers were saying, and checked the dash cam that shows the driver got the bypass signal??

With the 5 mph over the speed limit… Practically everyone does 5 mph over the limit, right? 4-wheelers and big trucks. It’s like an unwritten law, a bit of leeway we all expect to get away with (In SOME states). But watch out during those times when law enforcement is “ramping up” its ticket issuance! No more leeway.

Another bit of advice. If you’re in a gray area like this (bypssing the scale with a green light vs the signs on the interstate), at least go the speed limit. Letter of the law with these guys, DRIVERS!

And be careful when arguing when you get pulled over. Being right won’t help much when you get arrested!

So, what do you think? Great Job Driver or Come On Driver?!