Dangerous trucker passes wide load on shoulder

Traveling south on I-95, just outside of Fredericksburg, Virginia on Saturday, a semi driver with a dashcam catches this Kohl’s truck driver who was apparently in a major rush. The driver was stuck behind a slow oversized load and the pilot car behind him.

I’m not sure about this area of I-95, and whether there’s a “no trucks in left lane” restriction, as is the case in many congested areas. But either way, this Kohl’s driver decides the only way to get around this wide load is to pass him in the right lane.

First, watch as he cuts dangerously in front of the truck with the dash cam, and moves into the right lane. The action starts around the 43 second mark.

Then, as the Kohl’s driver was getting close to the wide load, obviously intending to pass on the right, the pilot car veers into the right lane, basically telling the Kohl’s driver NOT to pass on the right. Undeterred, this impatient driver keeps on moving over until he’s in the shoulder and continues to pass the pilot car, and then the wide load before finally getting back into the “right” lane.

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