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1. Which of the following statements about alcohol is true...

A If you eat before you drink you won't get as drunk
B Drinking coffee will help you stay sober
C Fresh air will help you sober up
D A few beers are the same as a few shots of whiskey or glasses of wine

2. If you do not have a HAZMAT endorsement on your CDL, under what conditions may you legally haul hazardous materials?

A If your dispatcher feels it is an emergency situation
B If the load does not require placards
C When you will remain within your state
D When a DOT official approves the load

3. If you are asked to haul a placarded load and you do not have HAZMAT endorsements you should

A Obtain written approval from your dispatcher
B Obtain written approval from the DOT official
C Refuse to take the load
D Take the placards off the vehicle

4. Upon conviction of a traffic violation you should notify your employer within 30 days if...

A The violation occurred in your personal vehicle
B The violation occurred in a commercial vehicle
C The violation was for parking in a restricted area
D both A & B

5. Overloading your trailer can result in the following EXCEPT...

A It can slow you down on upgrades
B It can increase stopping distances
C It can help you go through snow better
D It can increase speed on downgrades

6. All drivers who need a CDL must take the ...

A air brakes test
B combination vehicles test
C chauffeur's license test
D general knowledge test

7. If you are convicted of a traffic violation in a state other than the one that issued your CDL...

A you must notify your home state of the conviction
B that state will notify your home state
C it's nobody's business but your own
D it doesn't go on your record

8. You're pulled over for weaving all over the lanes. If you refuse to take an alcohol sobriety test, you may be disqualified just as if you WERE driving under the influence(DUI). This is because...

A higher standard of care law
B reasonable cause law
C implied consent law
D none of the above

9. Concerning night driving, which statement is true?

A Most people are more alert at night
B Most heavy vehicle accidents occur between midnight and 6 a.m.
C Most hazards are easier to see at night because of the extra lighting
D If you become sleepy, drink enough coffee to keep you awake until you get to your destination

10. When making an emergency stop on the highway...

A put on your four-way flashers and keep them on until you're back on the road
B put on your four-way flashers and keep them on until your warning devices are in place
C place a red flag from the rear of your vehicle
D blow your horn to alert motorists

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