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1. The following statements about an engine overheating are TRUE EXCEPT...

A Antifreeze is only used in colder temperatures
B If you can touch the radiator cap with your bare hand, it is probably cool enough to open.
C It is not possible to safely drive without radiator fluid
D Never leave the engine running if it is overheating

2. When going down a hill you should always...

A Use higher gears when you have a heavy load
B Allow the brakes to heat up for better stopping power
C Be in the right gear before starting down the hill
D Put heavy pressure on the brakes to allow the drums to cool

3. The best time to test your parking brake is...

A When the vehicle is parked
B When the vehicle is going down a hill
C When the vehicle is moving slowly
D When the vehicle is traveling on the highway

4. Which is NOT part of the pre-trip inspection...

A Check engine oil level
B Check horn(s)
C Check air seat adjustments
D Check seat belt fastener

5. How much space should you maintain in front of you at highway speeds?

A Seven seconds for a 60 foot vehicle
B Five seconds for a 60 foot vehicle
C Ten seconds for a 60 foot vehicle
D Three seconds for a 60 foot vehicle

6. Which one of the following is true about shifting gears?

A Remain in neutral as long as possible
B Allow the engine tachometer to rev into the highest range possible
C Ignore how the engine sounds
D Shift at the best RPM range for your vehicle

7. When making a left hand turn you should always...

A Wait until you reach the center of the intersection before you turn
B Start in the left hand lane if there are two turning lanes
C Pull into the intersection in case the light turns before you are through
D Wait for a small gap in traffic and accelerate

8. The best way to warn the drivers behind you that you are slowing down is to...

A Blow your horn
B Turn on your emergency flashers
C Tap your brakes
D Flash your bright lights

9. What is the best thing to do if you are tired?

A Drink plenty of coffee to stay awake
B Take pills to keep you alert
C Plan your trips for the middle of the night to avoid traffic
D Get enough sleep

10. When backing up the tractor trailer, try to AVOID...

A Backing toward the right (passenger) side
B Backing toward the left (driver's) side
C Pulling ahead to reposition your trailer
D Having someone help/guide you

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