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1. To test the trailer service brakes you should...

A Lightly test brakes at 5 mph
B Apply hand control and check to see if you feel the trailer brakes come on
C Depress the brake pedal
D Release air to the brakes

2. When pulling triple trailers, which unit is more likely to roll over?

A The front trailer
B The middle trailer
C The last trailer
D The tractor

3. When pulling triple trailers, always put the heaviest trailer...

A In the front
B In the rear
C In the middle
D It doesn't make a difference

4. When inspecting doubles, the shut off valves at the rear of the trailer should be...

A Open at the rear of front trailer, open at the rear of the last trailer
B Open at the rear of front trailer, closed at the rear of the last trailer
C Closed at the rear of front trailer, closed at the rear of the last trailer
D None of the Above

5. When steering to avoid a crash while pulling doubles, remember to...

A Keep both hands on the steering wheel
B Stay off the brake while turning
C Be prepared to counter-steer
D All of the above

6. When coupling the rear trailer, the correct trailer height is...

A Six inches of space between the upper and lower fifth wheel
B Slightly lower than the fifth wheel
C When the locking jaws are closed around the kingpin
D The kingpin touches the fifth wheel

7. When connecting the converter dolly to the rear trailer, you should remember to...

A Make sure trailer brakes are locked
B Make sure trailer height is correct
C Raise the landing gear slightly off the ground
D All of the above

8. Should you unhook the pintle hook with the converter dolly still under a trailer?

A Yes, this is standard procedure
B Yes, this keeps the trailer from falling
C No, this could damage the pintle hook
D No, this could result in your injury

9. When coupling twin trailers, you should release the dolly brakes by...

A Dropping the trailer onto the fifth wheel
B Opening the air tank petcock
C Letting the air out of the brake line
D Pushing the air release valve on the dash

10. To uncouple the converter dolly you should:

A Disconnect safety chains, lower the landing gear and chock the wheels
B Chock the wheels, lower the landing gear and disconnect safety chains
C Lower the landing gear, disconnect safety chains, and chock the wheels
D Chock the wheels, disconnect safety chains, and lower the landing gear

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