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This is CDL Doubles and Triples Test 1 in our original Classic Mode. Simply click in your answer to each CDL practice test question. When you're finished, check your score and results. You can reset the test and retake it as needed.

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1. The stopping distance for a tractor trailer traveling 55 mph on dry pavement is...

A Longer than a football field, about 300 feet
B Two football fields, about 600 feet
C Two thirds of a football field, about 200 feet
D Half of a football field, about 150 feet

2. When coupling doubles, start by...

A coupling the tractor to the second trailer
B backing the converter dolly under the second trailer
C coupling the converter tongue to the pintle hook on the first trailer
D putting the second trailer against a dock

3. Trucks with double or triple trailers...

A have a dangerous 'crack the whip' affect
B present a rearward amplification hazard
C can turn over in response to abrupt steering movements
D all of the above

4. Inspect a converter dolly as if it were...

A a trailer
B cargo
C an axle with a fifth wheel
D an engine

5. To uncouple double trailers, you should park your rig...

A On a slight incline
B On level ground
C In the company parking lot
D On a soft surface

6. On trailers used as doubles and triples, you'll find shut off valves (cut-out cocks) in the...

A service air lines
B emergency air lines
C service and emergency air lines
D parking brake system only

7. It is dangerous to unlock the pintle hook with the dolly still under the rear trailer because...

A The dolly tow bar may fly up
B The brakes might release
C The kingpin might break off
D The fifth wheel might not be aligned

8. A drive-wheel skid when pulling doubles could result in a jackknife when...

A The tractor brakes lock up
B The trailer pushes the towed vehicle sideways
C The trailer slides off the right side of the road
D The tractor spins around

9. To check for air flow to the last trailer...

A Pull forward and step on brake pedal
B Open emergency shut off valve and listen for escaping air
C Step on brake pedal and watch for brake lights
D Test emergency brake lines on level surface

10. You should test your tractor protection valve to avoid...

A The emergency brakes coming on due to loss of air
B The loss of air from the air hose
C The loss of air from your trailer brakes
D All of the above

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