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1. When coupling the trailer, back up slowly until...

A The load shifts inside the trailer
B The fifth wheel just touches the trailer
C You can see the rear wheels in the mirror
D You hit the front of the trailer with the tractor

2. The earliest way to notice a trailer skid is...

A By feeling the pull on your steering wheel
B By feeling a jerking in the back of the tractor
C By seeing it in your mirrors
D By hearing the squeal from the tires

3. A king pin is...

A The pin which locks the air brake lines together
B A pin which locks the trailer to the tractor on the fifth wheel
C A pin which holds the wheels on the axles
D The pin a driver receives for safe driving

4. The trailer should be lowered so that...

A the trailer is far above the fifth wheel
B the tractor strikes the nose of the trailer
C you can use the landing gear to make any adjustments
D it's raised slightly when the tractor's backed under it

5.Which of the following steps comes first?

A apply the trailer brakes
B raise the landing gear
C put the transmission in reverse
D connect the air supply lines

6. Before you begin coupling...

A check the condition of the tractor frame
B check your path for hazards
C pre-position the fifth wheel
D put the spring brakes on

7. The trailer air supply control...

A Is a red, triangular-shaped knob
B Is a yellow, square knob
C Is a red, square knob
D Is a red, eight sided knob

8. In order to inspect the coupling you should...

A Make sure there is space between the upper and lower fifth wheel
B Check that the locking lever is in the open position
C Make sure the fifth wheel jaws are open
D Use a flashlight if necessary

9. You should crank the landing gear until...

A It is six inches off the ground
B You can clear railroad tracks
C The crank handle is loose
D It is as far up as it will go

10. The fifth wheel should be checked to see if...

A There is damage or missing parts
B It is properly greased
C The jaws are open
D All of the above

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