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1. When uncoupling, it's a good practice to...

A couple the glad hands together
B couple the glad hands to dummy couplers
C hang the electrical cable with the plug end down
D all of the above are acceptable

2. If you cross your air lines on a new trailer with spring brakes...

A you won't be able to release the trailer brakes
B you won't be able to release the tractor brakes
C you won't have any operational brakes
D you'll have no way of knowing there's a problem

3. When traveling under 40 mph, you should follow other vehicles...

A Only during the day
B With a distance of one second for every ten feet of your vehicle length
C With a distance of one second for every twenty feet of your vehicle length
D As close as possible so others don't cut in

4. In order to supply air to the trailer, you must first...

A Push in the tractor protection valve.
B Pull out the "air supply' knob
C Stop engine so you can hear the brakes
D Cross the air lines to check for leaks

5. If one of the glad hands on your blue air line is missing a seal...

A take one off the red air line and use that as a temporary replacement
B you might end up with a service line air leak
C you could experience an emergency line air leak
D it's not a major problem and you should continue coupling

6. When you inspect the coupling, check to ensure that...

A there's a little slack in the air lines
B there's no slack in the air lines
C the landing gear handle is hanging free
D the electrical cable is unplugged

7. The trailer hand valve should be used...

A Only at highway speeds
B Only when parking
C Only to test the trailer brakes
D Both B & C above

8. Which one of the following statements about tractor protection valves is NOT true?

A It keeps air in the tractor in the event the trailer air leaks
B It is controlled by the trailer air supply valve in the cab
C When it closes it allows air to leak from the tractor line
D It will close automatically if air pressure is low

9. You can damage the landing gear if you...

A back under the trailer at an angle
B align the tractor and trailer
C position the trailer kingpin in the center of the fifth wheel
D back under the trailer in a straight line

10. Which one of the following is controlled by the foot brake?

A The service air line
B The emergency air line
C The shut off valve
D The hose coupler

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