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This is Pre-Trip Inspection Test #5 based on State CDL Manual Section 11.2 External Inspection/Trailer.

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1. Check that this is secured, cap/s are on tight, and has no leaks from the tank/s or lines:

A Exhaust system
B Air compressor
C Water pump
D Fuel tank

2. For manual slack adjusters, what must you check that doesn't move more than one inch (with the brakes released) when pulled by hand?

A Brake linings
B Brake pushrod
C Brake chambers
D Shock absorbers

3. What (where visible) should not be worn dangerously thin?

A Brake linings
B Brake chambers
C Brake Hose/lines
D All of the above

4. What must not be cut, chafed, spliced, or worn (no steel braid shows through)?

A Locking jaws
B Air/electric lines
C Splash guards
D Doors/tires/lifts

5. Which of the following does not get checked at the side of the trailer?

A Landing gear
B Frame
C Tandem Release Arm/Locking Pins
D Air/Electrical Connections

6. What should you check to see that it is secure, free of damage, and strong enough to contain cargo (if equipped)?

A Platform
B Landing gear
C Catwalk
D Header board

7. Check that this is fully raised, has no missing parts, crank handle is secure, and the support frame is not damaged.

A Landing gear
B Stop arm
C Tandem release arm
D Doors/Ties/Lifts

8. Which is not checked at the rear of the trailer?

A Splash guards
B Back doors
C DOT bumper
D Header board

9. What is the sliding mechanism and locking device for tandem axles on trailers?

A Tandem release arm / locking pins
B Suspension system
C Frame
D Landing gear

10. What do you inspect to make sure all are present, free of cracks and distortions and show no signs of looseness such as rust trails or shiny threads?

A Lug nuts
B Spacers
C Rims
D None of the above

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