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This test is based on CDL Manual Section 11.1.2 External Inspection/Trailer

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1. For manual slack adjusters, the brake pushrod should not move more than:

A 1 inch (with the brakes released) when pulled by hand.
B 1-2 inches (with the brakes set).
C No movement is allowed
D All vehicles built since 1994 have automatic slack adjusters and don't require checking

2. What releases the fifth wheel locking jaw so the trailer can be uncoupled?

A Apron
B Release arm
C Locking pins
D Draw-bar

3. When checking the landing gear of the trailer (when tractor is connected) make sure it is:

A Down and handle secure
B Raised and handle hanging
C Raised and handle secure
D Halfway down and low gear engaged

4. There should be minimum tread depth of 2/32 inch for:

A Steering axle tires
B Spare tires
C Non-drive axle tires
D Non-steer axle tires

5. This system should be checked for damage and signs of leaks such as rust or carbon soot:

A Exhaust
B Coupling
C Suspension
D None of the above

6. What should you check so that it is solid, clear of objects and securely bolted to the tractor frame?

A Platform
B Apron
C Kingpin
D Catwalk

7. When inspecting for cracks, broken welds, holes or other damage to the longitudinal frame member, cross members, box, and floor you are inspecting the:

A Frame
B Catwalk
C Platform
D Fuel tank

8. Connecting links, arms, and rods from the steering box to the wheel are part of this:

A Power steering fluid
B Steering play
C Steering box
D Steering linkage

9. What should not be bent, damaged, or rusted through and should be evenly centered, with the dual wheels and tires evenly separated?

A Spacers or Budd Spacing
B Lug nuts
C Rims
D All of the above

10. What is the minimum tread depth for the steering axle tires:

A 2/32
B 4/32
C 16mm
D None of the above

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