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This is CDL Pre-Trip Inspection Test 2 in our original Classic Mode. Simply click in your answer to each CDL practice test question. When you're finished, check your score and results. You can reset the test and retake it as needed.

This test is based on CDL Manual Section 11.1.2 Cab Check/Engine Start.

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1. When you start the engine, the oil temperature gauge should begin a gradual rise to the normal operating range. The normal range is approximately:

A 40 psi
B 10-20 psi
C 30-40 psi
D 5-20 psi

2. During Step 3 (start engine and inspect inside the cab), what do you do first?

A Get in the cab and start the engine
B Get in the cab and make sure parking brake is on.
C Put gearshift in neutral (or "park" if automatic).
D Start engine and listen for unusual noises

3. What belt should you make sure is securely mounted, adjusts and latches properly, and is not ripped or frayed?

A Air compressor
B Safety/Seat
C Power Steering
D Water Pump

4. What shows that alternator and/or generator is charging or that warning light is off?

A Ammeter/Voltmeter
B Air Gauge
C Oil Pressure Gauge
D Temperature Gauge

5. This gauge should come up to normal within seconds after engine is started:

A Air pressure
B Oil pressure
C Coolant temperature
D Blood Pressure

6. This gauge's pressure should build from 50 to 90 psi within 3 minutes:

A Air pressure
B Oil pressure
C Ammeter/voltmeter
D Coolant temperature

7. Which does not need to be checked in the Cab check?

A Horn
B Heater/Defroster
C Air conditioner
D Wipers/washers

8. Which gauge has a governor cut-out?

A Oil pressure
B Temperature
C Air
D Ammeter/Voltmeter

9. What should be be clean and adjusted properly from the inside?

A Windshield
B Lug nuts
C Mirrors
D Headlights

10. What is being inspected when you pump the pedal 3 times and hold down for 5 seconds making sure that the pedal should not move (depress) during the 5 seconds?

A Hydraulic brake
B Air brake
C Parking brake
D All of the above

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