Florida man eats pancakes in busy street, Facebook post gets him caught

florida man eats pancakes as semi takes picture

A Florida man set up a folding TV table and proceeded to eat pancakes with syrup. He was shirtless and was wearing pajama pants and slippers. After he finished his breakfast, he packed up and went home. The “incident” happened last week at Memorial Boulevard and Brunnell Parkway in Lakeland, Fla. The man has been … Read more

Sad news as Vince Jones of Big Rig Bounty Hunters dies

vince jones big rig bounty hunters dies sleep apnea

Vince Jones of History Channel’s Big Rig Bounty Hunters died early Wednesday morning at his home in Delaware, OH after having a heart attack possibly caused by his diagnosed sleep apnea. He apparently wasn’t wearing his sleep apnea mask when he began having trouble breathing. He was only 46 years old. According to TMZ: “Vince’s … Read more

Driver stunt gives new meaning to “self-driving” truck

india truck driver crazy stunt

It must get pretty boring over in India. Especially out away from the cities, where there’s only cows and goats. This crazy India driver, apparently a truck driver, does this stunt, where he is sitting behind the wheel, then he looks directly at the camera, then turns around, opens the door, climbs outside of the … Read more

Truck in South Korea recovers from almost certain rollover

South Korea truck avoids rollover

Watch the following the video of a straight truck that apparently had to hit the brakes hard, causing it to swerve from the middle to the right lane. It almost rolls over, but somehow recovered by steering the truck back all the way across to the left lane, at times only on three wheels, and … Read more