Crazy motorist crashes SUV, jumps on top of semi on I-94 in MN

A crazy, high, delusional, drunk (all of the above?) man, jumps up on top of a tractor-trailer. Why, you ask?

Well, apparently, after crashing his SUV and leaving it on the I-94 median near Alexandria, MN, this guy starts walking down the middle of the interstate. He’s flagging down cars, apparently trying to get a ride, make like geese, and get the “flock” out of there.

But nobody’s giving him a ride. Go figure! So he thinks up a much better idea.

After realizing the police are after him, he starts running towards a tractor-trailer. I can just imagine this driver’s thoughts at this point. What in the tar nation is THIS clown doing?

Well, he’s jumping up on top of your truck of course! Honk your horn at him driver! Nice!

Anyway, he then climbs up on the trailer. Because nobody will even see him up there, let alone catch him! (Spoiler alert: They DID catch him)

The following video captures most of the action. Warning: the commentary is amusing, but language is “explicit” at times. Come on girls!

Another average day in the life of a trucker!

Southern MN News