Watch trucker as he makes a crazy u-turn on interstate

Watch the semi ahead of this dash cammer. Traffic is backed up for who knows how far ahead, so the driver does what we all THINK about doing occasionally when this happens. He looks for an opening, and then slowly crosses the grassy median of the interstate and goes off for an alternate route!

The driver of this tractor-trailer may have had a good reason for making this illegal u-turn on the interstate. On the trailer you can read “Hunger Fight”.

Moral of the story:

Sometimes you just can’t wait in traffic. Especially when there’s hungry people to feed!

Alternate moral of the story:

If you try a move like this, you better make sure you:

A) Make it across without rolling over, getting stuck, or getting hit.
B) Don’t get caught.

That trucker is a real “co median”!