Rocks being thrown at big rigs on I-85 in North Carolina

Every since Sunday night, someone on Interstate 85 has been dropping rocks onto semi trucks.

The incidents have been reported on the interstate between Henderson and Middleburg.

Workers at a nearby truck stop have reported that four trucks have been hit thus far. Fortunately, no drivers have been hurt, though one of the drivers was only inches away from serious injury.

rocks thrown at semis i-85 in north carolina

“The only thing that kept the driver from getting hurt was the piece (that) was about that big and thick (gestures with fingers), but it evidently landed flat which didn’t let it penetrate the cab,” Glass repairman Jeff Boyer said. “But there was glass clear back into his sleeper. It fills the cab.”

rocks thrown at semis i-85 windshield truck stop
According to Boyer, kids in the area of Middleburg are most likely the culprits. He said several years ago cinder blocks were being dropped in a similar way.

If you’re driving in the area, be on the lookout, especially at night.