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1. A tank trailer with baffles helps to control...

A Side to side flow
B Weight distribution
C Movement from front to back
D Total vehicle weight

2. The reason a tank trailer should not be loaded completely full is because...

A Your load may shift more
B The baffles won't be as effective
C Liquid expands and can leak out of the trailer
D The movement is stronger

3. A tank vehicle is defined as a vehicle which transports...

A Liquid
B Liquified gas
C Bulk fertilizer
D Both A and B above

4. When a bulk tank vehicle is stopping at an intersection which has a slippery surface...

A The truck could slide into oncoming traffic
B The liquid movement could push the truck into the intersection
C The liquid could leak onto the roadway
D The truck could slide sideways due to rocking

5. Retest markings...

A must be stamped on the tank itself
B give the date of the last retest
C show what type of test or inspection was performed
D all of the above

6. Hauling liquids in tankers requires special care for two reasons. One reason is the ____ center of gravity that tankers have.

A Wide
B Flat
C Low
D High

7. You need to be extremely cautious when driving smooth bore tankers. This is especially true when you are:

A Loading or unloading
B Starting or stopping
C Hauling milk or other food products
D All of the above

8. The best way to take a curve with a tanker is to slow to a safe speed before entering the curve, then ____ as you go through it.

A Downshift twice
B Accelerate slightly
C Brake lightly
D All of the above

9. You should know the outage needed for the liquids you carry because:

A Some liquids expand more than others when they get warm
B Tank baffles are not always legal with outage
C Some of the heaviest liquids do not need any
D All of the above

10. Baffles in liquid cargo tanks do not usually prevent the movement of surge from:

A Front to back
B Top to bottom
C Side to side
D All of the above

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