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1. The amount of liquid to load into a tank depends on...

A the amount of liquid expansion
B the weight of the liquid
C legal weight limits
D all of the above

2. You'll feel the effects of liquid surge less if you...

A turn slowly and carefully
B gradually brake to a stop
C haul thicker liquids
D all of the above

3. The best way to prevent rolling over when pulling a tanker through a curve is...

A travel at speeds below the posted limits
B travel faster than the posted speed limit
C make sure you brake hard through the curve
D start "fanning" the brakes

4. Stop valves in a cargo tank...

A break off in an emergency
B close in an emergency
C can only be operated manually
D protect the tank and piping from rear end collisions

5. The liquid inside the bulk tank can cause a tank truck to roll sideways...

A When traveling around a curve
B Even with baffles inside the trailer to slow flow
C Even when traveling at posted speeds
D All of the above

6. A baffled tanker is one with...

A Walls with holes inside the trailer for the liquid to flow through
B Separate tanks inside the trailer
C Hollow balls floating in the liquid to slow movement
D None of the above

7. Which is the most stable tanker shape?

A van
B double conical
C cylindrical
D elliptical

8. The cladding in a tanker...

A cuts down on liquid surge
B cools down or heats up the cargo
C protects the tanker from corrosive cargo
D protects cargo from temperature extremes

9. A liquid tank trailer that has no baffles is most often used for...

A Milk or food products
B Gasoline
C Liquid gas
D Liquid fertilizer

10. What makes a bulk liquid tanker hard to handle?

A the cargo's high density
B the cargo's low center of gravity
C the cargo's high center of gravity
D friction

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