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1. If you must drive across a railroad crossing, you must...

A Shift gears quickly as you're crossing tracks
B Never shift gears while crossing tracks
C Shift gears only if you are sure no train is coming
D All of the above

2. When transporting both hazardous and non-hazardous materials, your bills must...

A Describe the hazardous materials last
B Have the non-hazardous materials highlighted
C Identify the materials by the letter X or RQ in the HM column
D Make sure that no hazardous materials are highlighted

3. When transporting explosives you may not...

A Park within 500 feet of the traveled part of the road
B Park within 300 feet of a tunnel
C Drive through a construction zone
D None of the above

4. The hazard class of all materials specifies...

A The order the materials get loaded on your trailer
B How much of the material is on your trailer
C The risks associated with the materials
D The order of the deliveries

5. The transport index of a radioactive material:

A Dictates the maximum speed at which you can transport the material.
B Is something the dispatcher will tell you on a need to know basis.
C Tells the degree of control needed during transportation.
D None of the above.

6. How many different hazard classes are there?

A 11
B 22
C 9
D 19

7. A placard is required for a combustible liquid at?

A 110 gallons or more
B Over 100 gallons
C 1001 pounds or more
D 110 cubic liters or more

8. You cannot load some products together in the same cargo space.  This is specified in which of the following tables?

A Segregation and Separation Chart
B List of Hazardous Substances and Reportable Quantities
C Placard Table
D Transport Index Table

9. A placard cannot be placed...

A Closer than three inches from any other markings
B More than three inches from the back of the trailer
C More than three inches from the bottom or the trailer
D Less than three inches from the front of the trailer

10. You may not park a vehicle carrying hazardous materials within ____ of an open fire.

A 300 yards
B 300 feet
C 150 meters
D 1 mile

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