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1. Which of these statements about cold weather driving is true?

A In snow storms, wiper blades should be adjusted so that they do not make direct contact with the windshield.
B Exhaust system leaks are less dangerous in cold weather.
C There is no need to worry about engine overheating when the weather is very cold.
D Windshield washer antifreeze should be added to the washer reservoir.

2. The most important reason for being alert to hazards is so:

A You will have time to plan your escape if the hazard becomes an emergency.
B Accident reports will be accurate.
C Law enforcement personnel can be called.
D You can help impaired drivers.

3. Which of these is a good rule to follow when using a fire extinguisher?

A stay downwind of the fire.
B Keep it as close to the fire as possible.
C Aim at the base of the fire.
D All the above.

4. Is it legal to drive with one fourth of a vehicles leaf springs broken or missing?

A It doesn't make any difference as long as you drive slow.
B Yes
C No
D None of the above.

5. Dry bulk tanks require special care because:

A The load can shift
B They have a high center of gravity
C Both of the above
D None of the above

6. You are checking your tires for a pre trip inspection. Which of these statements is true?

A Tires of mismatched sizes should not be used on the same vehicle.
B Radial and bias-ply tires can be used together on the same vehicle.
C Dual tires should be touching each other.
D 2/32 inch tread depth is safe for the front tires.

7. The first step to take if your vehicle catches fire while driving is:

A Head for the nearest service station.
B Get the vehicle off the road and stop in an open area.
C Park in the shade of a building.
D Immediately open the door and jump out.

8. Which of these statements about double clutching and shifting is true?

A If you miss a gear while up-shifting, you must bring the vehicle to a stop.
B Double clutching should only be used with a heavy load
C You can use the tachometer to tell you when to shift.
D Double clutching should not be used when the road is slippery.

9. The center of gravity of a load:

A Is only a problem if the vehicle is overloaded.
B Should be kept as high as possible.
C Can make a vehicle more likely to tip over on curves.
D All of the above.

10. You are testing the stopping action of service brakes on a hydraulic system. Which of these can mean there is a problem?

A The brake pedal goes to the floor
B Stopping action is delayed.
C The vehicle pulls to one side when the brake pedal is pressed.
D All of the above.

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