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1. The legal size and weight distribution limits...

A should be your guide
B are not changed by adverse conditions
C does not ensure safe operations in adverse conditions
D are changed by the states depending upon the season

2. Blocking used to prevent cargo movement...

A is secured to the cargo compartment floor
B is secured to the cargo itself
C is secured to the cargo and to the walls
D must be placed every 3 feet

3. Drive tire tread must be at least...

A 1/4 inch
B 2/32 inch
C 1/2 inch
D 4/32 inch

4. Normal clutch travel is...

A less than one inch
B about one or two inches
C more than two inches
D it changes and can't be measured

5. State law can regulate...

A the weight of your vehicle, but not the cargo
B the weight of the cargo, but not your vehicle
C both your vehicle and cargo weights
D neither weights; the federal government regulates legal weights

6. If you are being tailgated, you should:

A Signal the tailgater when it is safe to pass.
B Speed up.
C Flash your brake lights.
D Increase the space in front of you.

7. The parking brake should be tested while the vehicle is:

A Moving slowly.
B Moving at highway speed.
C Going downhill.
D Parked

8. A drivers trip log, if required:

A May be brought up to date once a week.
B May be written in pencil
C Must be shown immediately when an officer requests it.
D All of the above.

9. When should the pre-trip inspection report from the last driver be reviewed?

A During your pre-trip inspection
B Doesn't have to be reviewed
C Once per week
D Once a month

10. If you are stopped at a rest area and found to have a BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) of .02 you will:

A Be In trouble with the dispatcher
B Be placed out of service for 24 hours
C Be placed out of service for 48 hours
D Be placed out of service for 72 hours

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