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1. The following are all probable signs of a tire blowout EXCEPT...

A A loud bang
B Vibration of the vehicle
C The smell of smoke
D A thumping sound

2. Water can be used to extinguish which of the following fires?

A Tires
B Electrical fire
C Gasoline fire
D Chemical fire

3. Driving at night is more dangerous because of the following EXCEPT...

A Most people are less alert at night due to fatigue
B Headlights often cause glare which can blind drivers
C Traffic lights are less visible than in the day
D There are more drunk drivers at night

4. Which of the following statements about your mirrors is true?

A You cannot see your tires
B You should be able to see any cars overtaking you
C You should be able to see any vehicles behind your trailer
D Some objects may appear smaller in your mirrors

5. When driving in heavy traffic you should travel...

A At a speed consistent with the flow of traffic
B Five mph less than automobiles regardless of posted limits
C In the left lane when possible to avoid heavy lanes of traffic
D In the right lane to avoid passing

6. If you find that you are being tailgated, you should...

A Quickly change lanes to avoid an accident
B Flash your brake lights to warn the tailgater
C Decrease the distance between you and the tailgater
D Increase the distance in front of you, if possible

7. How should you hold your hands on the steering wheel?

A Near the bottom of the wheel
B Opposite sides of the wheel
C Near the top of the wheel
D One hand on the steering wheel and one on the shifter

8. When making a right hand turn you should always...

A Steer into the left lane first so you can make the corner
B Rush through the intersection so you can get out of the way of traffic
C Back up to make the driver behind you move back
D Keep the rear of your vehicle close to the curb

9. To correct a drive wheel acceleration skid you should...

A Stop accelerating and push in the clutch
B Downshift
C Pump the brake
D Accelerate quickly

10. When driving at highway speeds, you should look 12-15 seconds ahead which is...

A At least 100 yards
B At least half a mile
C At least a quarter of a mile
D At least one tractor trailer length

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