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Top Trucker News

rookie driver stuck in small Ohio town
Trucking News
Jim Purcell

Rookie trucker gets stuck and wreaks havoc in small Ohio town

Early Thursday, a truck driver with only 3 weeks experience missed his exit off I-71 and wound up in the small town of Mount Adams, Ohio. The driver ended up getting stuck there for many hours. First he hit a power pole and wires. Then a trash can. Finally, attempting to make a left turn

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tow truck driver loses car over embankment
Trucking Entertainment
Jim Purcell

Tow driver and motorist having a BAD day

Who, would you say, is having a worse day here? The tow truck driver or the motorist who was in an accident and had her car overturn? At first, things are going fine as this car gets uprighted. But it doesn’t take long for things to go “downhill”.

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kiev attempted theft semi trailer
Trucking Abroad
Jim Purcell

Attempted theft of moving semi, then trucker hits brakes

In Kiev, Ukraine, an attempted stuntman-like theft of a semi at the back of the trailer went bad when the driver hit the brakes. Bam! Only the “skills” of the thieves allowed them to survive the ill-advised high-speed attempt. The following video is from the surveillance camera installed at the top of the back of

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atlanta fire bridge collapse
Trucking News
Jim Purcell

Prepare for nightmare traffic after Atlanta bridge collapse

After a ferocious fire yesterday, I-85 was completely shut down in downtown Atlanta at the end of the evening rush hour. Black smoke spread throughout the city as the fire raged for about an hour before the bridge holding the northbound I-85 lanes collapsed. Fortunately, no drivers were injured as officials were able to clear

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forward serpentine through accident scene on interstate
Great Job Truck Driver!
Jim Purcell

Trucker does ‘forward serpentine’ through crash scene on interstate

In the video below, the semi with the dashcam gets over into left lane because he sees flashing lights on the right shoulder up ahead. Several emergency vehicles are attending to an accident involving an RV and SUV on the right shoulder of the interstate. A Target tractor trailer and other 4-wheelers are up ahead

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pipes crash through semi cab foggy edmonton canada
Tractor Trailer Accidents
Jim Purcell

Load of pipes crash through semi cab in foggy Edmonton

It was a great day to be alive for a truck driver after an incident early Wednesday morning near Edmonton in Alberta, Canada. He was hauling a flatbed load of pipes in heavy fog on Hwy 19. For some reason, he had to slam on the brakes, which caused several of the pipes to crash

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