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1. Which of the following is something the driver must watch for:

A Clearance your bus needs
B Poles and tree limbs at stops
C Gaps your bus needs to accelerate and merge with traffic
D All of the above

2. Which of the following answers lists the three types of emergency equipment you must have on your bus?

A Hydraulic jack, fire extinguisher, signal flares
B Repair kit, spare electric fuses (unless equipped with circuit breakers), and fire extinguisher
C Fire extinguisher, spare electrical fuses (unless equipped with circuit breakers), and emergency reflectors
D Emergency reflectors, fire extinguisher, signal flares and tire repair kit

3. You do not have to stop at RR crossings, but must slow down and carefully check for other vehicles:

A Where a policeman or flagman is directing traffic
B If a traffic signal is green
C At crossings marked as "exempt" or "abandoned"
D All of the above

4. Which of the following is a clue another driver is impaired:

A Open window in warm weather
B Stopping at a green light, or waiting too long at a stop
C Exiting the interstate when there's no gas station visible
D All of the above

5. When must a driver’s inspection report be completed?

A Before driving your bus
B At the end of each shift
C Both A and B
D Only if defects are found

6. Which of the following statements is true about speed management?

A Speed limits for buses are the same as cars
B The posted speed limit is safe for all conditions
C You should be able to stop within the distance that you can see ahead
D All of the above are true

7. An oncoming vehicle keeps its high beams on. You should deal with this hazard by:

A Turning your high beams on to "get back at them"
B Quickly flash your high beams to give them fair warning
C Look slightly to the right at a right lane or edge marking, if available
D None of the above

8. The minimum tread depth on front tires is:

A 2/32"
B 4/32"
C 6/32"
D 8/32"

9. A bus has a GVWR of 22,000 pounds and seats 24 passengers. What CDL class is this vehicle?

A Class A
B Class B
C Class C
D Class D

10. As the driver of a bus, how can you best avoid hindering other traffic on the highway?

A By driving faster than the other traffic
B By staying in the right lane if you can
C By never passing
D By passing only the slowest vehicles

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