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This is CDL Air Brakes Test 3 in our original Classic Mode. Simply click in your answer to each CDL practice test question. When you're finished, check your score and results. You can reset the test and retake it as needed.

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1. Air tanks should be drained...

A at the end of each day or shift
B to keep sludge from clogging brake system valves
C manually when automatic devices fail
D all of the above

2. Fanning air brakes...

A cools them off
B increases the air pressure
C increases the braking power
D decreases the air pressure

3. If your air compressor stops working...

A you will lose your brakes immediately
B the brakes will immediately lock up
C you'll still have air pressure left in the air tanks
D your brakes won't be affected

4. The governor allows the air to start pumping again when it reaches the cut in level, or around...

A 200 psi
B 100 psi
C 150 psi
D 125 psi

5. You should not use the parking brakes...

A on a steep hill
B if the air pressure is low
C when the brakes are hot
D in hot weather

6. The brake drums or discs...

A must have linings that fit loosely on the brake shoes
B must not have any cracks
C must not have cracks longer than half the width of the friction area
D should be kept well-greased

7. Slack adjusters...

A never need to be adjusted
B should only be adjusted by a qualified mechanic
C can be adjusted manually or automatically
D should travel at least two inches from where the push rod is attached

8. To determine if slack adjusters need adjustment...

A apply the service brakes and release the parking brakes
B apply both the service and parking brakes
C pull out the automatic slack adjustment control knob
D release both the service and parking brakes

9. An air tank is equipped with a drain valve to remove...

A Air and water
B Oil and air
C Water and oil
D Dirt and oil

10. The governor stops pumping air when it reaches the "cut out" level, or around...

A 125 psi
B 200 psi
C 225 psi
D 175 psi

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