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1. Brake drums...

A Are bolted to the wheels
B Are located at each end of the vehicle's axles
C Hold the brake shoes and linings
D All of the above

2. When the low pressure warning is activated, you should...

A Wait for the air brakes to come on automatically
B Bring the vehicle to a safe stop while you still control the brakes
C Monitor your air pressure gauge and maintain highway speeds
D Pump the brake pedal hard to stop

3. When the safety valve releases air it means that...

A The pressure has exceeded 150 psi
B Too much air is in the air compressor
C Something is wrong, and you should have it checked by a mechanic
D All of the above

4. In a single vehicle with a fully charged air system, air pressure loss (after the initial drop and brake applied) should be less than...

A 2 psi per minute
B 3 psi per minute
C 4 psi per minute
D none of the above

5. The service brake system...

A is an official vehicle inspection
B applies and releases the brakes by using the brake pedal under normal driving
C are the valves that keeps the air tank pressure serviced
D is only on vehicles with hydraulic brakes

6. Your vehicle's single brake system needs adjustment if...

A pressure builds from 50 to 75 psi within three minutes
B pressure builds from 85 to 100 psi within 45 seconds
C the compressor cuts out between 70 to 90 psi
D the governor stops between 75 to 90 psi

7. Some air brake systems have an alcohol evaporator which helps...

A Reduce the risk of ice in the air brake valves during cold weather
B Remove oil from the air lines
C Reduce the risk of water in the air brake valves in warm weather
D Remove fuel from the air lines

8. Air tanks should be drained...

A Once a week
B Once a day
C Every four hours
D Every two or three days

9. The safety valve in the air compressor tank is set to open at...

A 150 psi
B 200 psi
C 100 psi
D 175 psi

10. Compressed air is stored...

A In the hoses
B In the engine compartment
C In the fuel tank
D In the storage tank

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