Rookie trucker gets stuck and wreaks havoc in small Ohio town

Early Thursday, a truck driver with only 3 weeks experience missed his exit off I-71 and wound up in the small town of Mount Adams, Ohio.

The driver ended up getting stuck there for many hours. First he hit a power pole and wires. Then a trash can. Finally, attempting to make a left turn and get out of Dodge, he hit a building, the Tohi Tea Bar & Boutique, that was on the corner of 2 small streets of Hatch & Louden.

It took the efforts of the Cincinnati Police and Fire Department to get the driver out of town. A tow truck moved a number of parked cars away from the corner to make turning possible for the driver.

“The driver is a cross-country driver”, the reporter said. “So he really doesn’t have too much training and experience backing up, or maneuvering in tight spaces like this. He usually just drives on the interstate and drops off the trailer.”

Well, the driver finally got out of town at 6:30 a.m. He didn’t leave town empty handed as he received a ticket for “failure to maneuver”.

Hmmm, seems like he did plenty of maneuvering!

Welcome to the world of trucking there driver! Keep your head up, there will be better days ahead!