Trucker Country was created BY a trucker (Jim Purcell, a truck driver with over 20 years driving and 3 million miles), FOR truckers. Whether you're just curious about trucking in general, or you KNOW you want to be a trucker and just need a little help getting there, well, that's why the site was created!

Trucking is a tough profession, and that's when you KNOW the truck driving job and life, and have been doing it for a long time. But if you're new, it's even HARDER. If you're already on the path, you may have figured this out already! There are many questions you'll need answers to. For instance...

How do you get your CDL? WHAT is a CDL? What's a CDL mill? What tests do you need to take? How do you learn the material and pass the tests? Do you need to go to a truck driving school? What types of schools are out there, which kind should you attend, and how do you find a truck driving school? What if a trucking company offers "free" training? Is this a good idea? What type of driver do you want to be? How do you find a driving job?

Don't worry, we're here to help! Browse the site using the navigation at the top to find all the information, answers, and resources you need.

If you're already a truck driver, get familiar with the site. We have everything truckers need: trucking news, information, entertainment, and much more. We have the resources and products you'll need to help you get down the road a little easier. We're always adding something to the site. And if you think of something we DON'T have, or that could be improved, please let us know. We're always doing something to improve Trucker Country!

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