CDL Practice Test Center

Our FREE CDL Practice Tests have been online and helping future truckers get their commercial driver's license since '04. All tests are based on the official state exams and have been updated for 2016! Go ahead and get started now! We have ALL the test questions and answers that will prepare you to Pass EACH U.S. State's official DMV exams. To get a Class A, Class B, or a Class C CDL or CLP (Commercial Learner's Permit), you must pass these tests. To use our 3 Testing Mode sytem as a CDL study guide, see How to Pass the Official State CDL Exams. Also see classes of licenses, and CDL endorsements. Truck driving schools across the country are now sending their students to our site to prepare for the official DMV permit tests. That's because our new testing mode system makes our practice tests a complete CDL course - but without the big cost!

Our 3 Testing Modes Will Prepare You to Pass Your Official Exams!

1. Classic Mode (600 questions): These are the same CDL practice tests we've had online at Trucker Country for the past 10 years! Each CDL test has questions on the same page with a multiple choice format. You can retake all tests as often as needed.

2. Practice Mode (600 questions):

After every question you get instant correct answer along with CDL reference. We point you to the exact location in the official state CDL manual so you can immediately see for yourself where the question came from and reread that section if necessary. This further cements that information in your head. ALSO, you will have complete assurance that each test is accurate because it's RIGHT THERE in your official state handbook and THAT'S what you're tested on!

Take our practice tests together with your CDL manual to best learn each section. It may be useful to open one window or tab for the manual and one for our practice tests.

3. Exam Mode (600 questions): Each practice test is timed and you get your grade and results only after you've finished each test. This is very much like the official state CDL written exams!

What Makes Our CDL Practice Tests Stand Apart From the Rest?

Yes, these tests are FREE, but there are many sites out there with free practice tests. The quality of the tests is what matters most! These tests must be accurate, challenging, and up to date (2016) with the latest Federal Guidelines found in your official state handbook. We make sure that they are. Take some practice tests and try us. If you believe you find an error, or something that's confusing, email us and we will get right back to you. But these tests have been taken millions of times and you can rest assured that they are correct! You'll get better quality test preparation than you'll find on other online CDL courses, but with on big bonus... these tests are still FREE.

CDL Test Preparation in Your State

Every state CDL Test Preparation page has the following resources to help you prepare to pass your official state exams:
  • Link to State CDL Requirements
  • Your State CDL Manual
  • Link to Truck Driving Schools in Your State
  • Additional Information about Your State CDL Tests

Do the Official CDL Exams Vary From State To State?

Nope. Regardless of what state you live in, each and every state’s written CDL exam is based on Federal Guidelines taken from the same information. Think about it, do you really believe that the way you drive a big truck changes from one state to the next? Is there a different braking technique on a mountain in Colorado than there is in Alaska? Are Hazmat placards placed in a different location on your trailer depending on what state you're in? Not so much. Practicing with our CDL tests will prepare you to pass EVERY CDL written exam, in ALL states!

That being said, it's essential that you read your state CDL manual - download here. Your CDL manual has specific information for your state, such as fees, testing locations, phone numbers for your local testing centers, and their hours of testing and service. They may also offer CDL study guides that could further prepare you for the CDL permit exam.

Note: Each of our tests are similar, but not necessarily the exact same as the official state permit test you'll have to take and pass to get your commercial drivers license (CDL). The official state exams change often to prevent passing along of the answers. But by practicing with our tests in conjunction with studying the corresponding sections of your state CDL handbook, you'll be well on your way to passing the written exams and getting your CDL.