Autonomous Trucks are Going to Replace Truckers? Not So Fast!

incredulous trucker

This is post 1 of 3 in the series “Autonomous Trucks Versus Real Truck Drivers” In this series on Autonomous “Driver-Less” Trucks, well analyze whether these “driverless” trucks will soon be putting truckers out of a job. Will truck drivers be as necessary in ten or twenty years? Is it time to start planning another career? Hint: … Read more

More Truck-Only Lanes Proposed: Are Trucks Really the Problem?

Truck-only lanes

Labeled as a “developing story” and an “unprecedented move”, the Georgia DOT’s costly 10-year plan would create “truck-only” lanes over a 60 mile stretch of I-75 south of Atlanta. We already have several truck-only lanes in the country. Even more states have areas with “no trucks in left lane”. But more importantly, do these truck-only lanes even work? … Read more