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1. When uncoupling, if you park the trailer at an angle...

A you won't have to do as much walking around the vehicle
B you'll have more room to maneuver in the yard
C you'll make the process easier
D you could do damage to the landing gear

2. If you start a trailer skid you should...

A Step on the brakes quickly
B Release the brakes to get traction back
C Use the trailer hand brake
D Slowly apply pressure to the brakes

3. When coupling the glad hands, you should NOT do the following...

A Clean the couplers before a connection is made
B Press the two seals together at a 90 degree angle
C Cross air supply lines to test them for leaks
D Match the colors to each other, or read the tags before connecting

4. If you cross connect the two air lines the following will result...

A Nothing, the lines are interchangeable
B You will not have air going to the trailer brakes
C Your tractor brakes will lock up
D You could not move the tractor

5. When rolling up the landing gear to complete the coupling process...

A leave the landing gear half way down to make uncoupling easier later
B use low gear until the tractor is supporting the trailer
C use high gear to speed up the process
D grease the landing gear to speed up the process

6. A device which connects the service and emergency air lines from the truck to the trailer is called...

A Relay switch
B Glad hands
C Service couplers
D Shut off valves

7. The service air line is controlled by...

A The pressure applied to the line by the foot brake or the trailer hand brake
B The relay valve which connects the trailer air tanks to the trailer air brakes
C The relay valve which sends air pressure from the trailer air tank to the trailer brake chambers
D All of the above

8. To prevent rollovers, remember to...

A Keep the load centered
B Keep the load as low as possible
C Go slow around turns
D All of the above

9. "Off-tracking" occurs when you go around a corner and...

A The rear wheels follow a different path than the front wheels
B The rear trailer goes off the road
C The rear wheels follow the front ones in a straight line
D The front of the trailer pulls to the right

10. Large combination vehicles take longer to stop...

A When they are empty
B When they are loaded
C Than bobtail tractors
D It takes the same time whether empty or loaded

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