Attention Truck Drivers and Owner Operators

Learn Freight Brokering from the Trucking Industry’s ELITE… Logistical Forwarding Solutions

Logistical Forwarding Solutions has been helping truck drivers and trucking companies for nearly 20 years, teaching the concept of working with freight brokers and how to become a freight broker agent. The concept of truck drivers becoming freight brokers is a perfect match and in most cases makes a great business decision to pursue. 

LFS helps owner operators learn how to become a freight broker through their in-depth 3-month freight broker training course which can be learned from the sleeper cab of any truck.

trucker with laptop in sleeper

The learning experience is tailored for truck drivers and is offered in the evenings while most drivers are off duty status.

Logistical Forwarding Solutions has created America’s BEST freight broker training program by combining the knowledge of how freight is moved in America with the right resources and experience within Trucking Company Development. The training program is designed from an entrepreneurial experience of taking the freight knowledge and learning how to turn it into a profitable broker business. All of this can be done while working as a truck driver.

LFS offers a personal freight broker training experience that actually works. Their Logistical Freight Broker Development Program teaches truck drivers and owner operators the key foundations of how to monetize from moving freight and how to build into consistent freight lanes that any truck driver can broker from their truck daily. Once you enter into the LFS Developmental Freight Broker Training Course, LFS will work with you and help guide your learning experience for over 180 hours.

LFS has developed a personalized Freight Broker Agent training experience that has been improved for nearly 20 years. The course will last 3 months and Freight Agent Placement  is offered for those who complete the freight training program. Truck drivers can work as freight agents and still operate their commercial vehicles!

Being a truck driver allows a person to be in a perfect position to learn while continuing to work and earn money as a commercial driver. Truck drivers are at the loading docks of shippers daily and LFS teaches you how to take those opportunities and create a long term consistent income by working as a freight broker agent while you’re truck driving.

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